Questions About the Process

Questions About the Process

How does laser tattoo removal work?

  • Laser energy is directed at the tattooed area for a fraction of a second, passing harmlessly through the outer layer of the skin and targeting the tattoo ink only.
  • The laser breaks the ink into fragments that allow the body to absorb it and break it down naturally.

Does it hurt?

  • Pain is a personal perception and everyone experiences it differently.
  • Most people describe the sensation to be similar to a rubber band snapping against the skin.
  • At East Coast Laser Tattoo Removal we use a cryo-chilling machine that cools at -30 F. to numb the skin both before and during the procedure.
  • Many clients don't feel the need for additional numbing due to the procedure being completed in a short period of time.

How much does it cost?

  • Tattoo removal at East Coast Laser Tattoo Removal is more affordable than most people think!
  • We have a minimum charge of $49 and it will vary with the size and content of the ink in your tattoos.
  • You will be given a more accurate outlook of number of treatments and estimated cost when you come in for your FREE consultation.
  • Remember, we started this business to make this wonderful technology affordable for everyone.
  • Note that we do not charge by the square inch but categorize by “very small”, “small”, “medium”, or “large” for the purpose of pricing, and give discounts for multiple tattoos removed at the same time. A large tattoo is normally given a custom price per session.

Can all colors be removed?

  • Most colors can be removed completely; some colors may require more treatments.
  • Even the most challenging colors will usually fade significantly.
  • With the multiple wave - lengths our Quanta laser is capable of producing, we are able to treat colors selectively without causing scarring or pigment change.
  • On rare occasion, certain colors may not be removable.

What colors are the most resistant?

  • Yellow, white, flesh tones, and fluorescent colors can be very challenging to remove.
  • This is because these inks may contain metals or plastics, they usually require more treatments or may not be able to be totally removed.

Will it be gone after my first treatment?

  • There are several different factors involved in determining how many treatments your tattoo will require: how your body and your tattoo ink respond to the laser treatment will dictate the amount of subsequent treatments.
  • During your FREE consultation we'll compare your tattoo to the Kirby-Desai Tattoo Removal Scale to give you a more accurate idea of how many treatments it will take to remove your particular tattoo.
  • It is important to note that tattoo ink in not regulated by any standards and there are over 100 inks in use worldwide today.
  • In general, most amateur tattoos require 2 - 5 treatments, while professional tattoos may require 5 - 10 treatments spaced approximately 6-8 weeks apart.
  • The number of treatments depends on the type of ink used, density of ink, colors used and how deep the ink is in embedded in the skin.
  • Very rarely, more than ten treatments may be needed.

I had my first treatment 7 days ago and it appears to have healed. How soon can I come back for another treatment?

  • Healing is not the reason for spacing out you treatments.
  • The laser doesn't cut the skin and expel the ink; it shatters it into tiny particles that your body removes naturally.
  • It takes and average of 6 weeks for the shattered ink to be removed by your immune system.

Are there any limitations after a treatment?

  • You may resume most activities soon after a treatment, provided you ensure the area is not rubbed or scratched.
  • If you are in the sun, you should cover the treated area to prevent sunburn, until the skin has healed.
  • We recommend at least an SPF of 50 or higher.
  • Most importantly follow our clinical staff's directions and follow the aftercare instructions you will be given.

Can I have just a part of a tattoo removed?

  • Yes, we can remove a name or a detail that you wish was gone from your tattoo.
  • Our lasers are very accurate and precise.

Can I have permanent makeup ( lip liner, eyeliner, eyebrows ) removed?

  • We do not treat these types of tattoos.
  • Some cosmetic inks have a metallic base.
  • When the laser comes in contact with these inks, it can oxidize and turn the ink black or even red.
  • Be very cautious of anyone who says they can effectively remove cosmetic ink.
  • Once the ink oxidizes, it cannot be removed by any laser.
  • You may end up with permanent black lip liner.
  • Tattooed eyeliner cannot be removed due to the danger of the laser near the eye, and the ink in permanent eyebrows can start to shadow up the forehead.

Will I have a scar?

  • The chances of scarring are less than 0.03% unless you're predisposed to Keloids or scar easily.
  • Any present scarring before you begin tattoo removal will remain after the tattoo ink has been removed; our lasers do not remove existing scars, only ink.
  • Compliance with our aftercare instructions will greatly reduce your chances of scarring.

Can I purchase one treatment at a time?

  • Yes, you can purchase just one treatment at a time.