Look Forward to Laser-Sharp Accuracy

Look Forward to Laser-Sharp Accuracy

East Coast Laser Tattoo Removal uses cutting edge technology to remove your tattoos in Richmond, VA

If you have a tattoo that you’re dying to get rid of, East Coast Laser Tattoo Removal in Richmond, VA is the business to call. We use the R20 laser method to provide you with a quick and relatively pain-free experience. Schedule a free consultation with us, and we’ll compare your tattoo to the Kirby-Desai Tattoo Removal scale to give you an accurate idea of how many treatments it will take to remove your tattoo.

Arrive 30 minutes prior to your appointment to receive a topical anesthetic to make the procedure as painless as possible. For best results after your treatment, it’s good practice to stay physically active, drink plenty of water and massage the treatment area throughout the day.

Dial 804-447-2300 now to schedule your first session.

What to expect from the removal process

If you’ve never undergone a laser tattoo removal treatment, you may not know what the process consists of. Here are a few things to know before your appointment:

  • Amateur tattoos typically require two to five treatments
  • Professional tattoos typically require five to ten treatments
  • The number of treatments needed also depends on the type of ink used and how deeply the ink is embedded in your skin.

Work with East Coast Laser Tattoo Removal to clear your skin of unwanted tattoos.