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Removing a Part of the Past

As we get older, our lives change. Tattoos reflect who we were and what was important to us when we got the tattoo. But people grow and evolve over time. We become parents, discover new opportunities, enter the workforce, etc. Unfortunately tattoos never change and for many, there comes a time when we outgrow or begin to regret our tattoos. This is one of the reasons East Coast Laser Tattoo Removal came into being. Utilizing the latest in laser technology to effectively and affordably remove your tattoos is our mission.

About 30 - 50% of individuals will regret their tattoo for various reasons. For those people, having the tattoo can be embarrassing and also a barrier in their lifestyle or career advancement goals. Covering tattoos with clothing or makeup can be tedious and inconvenient; it is a messy and temporary solution.

Tattoo Removal Positives

Are you considering laser tattoo removal? Have you wondered about the benefits of removing your ink?

  • Laser tattoo removal leaves your skin looking natural
  • It's safe and effective on all skin types
  • The non-evasive procedure can be done during your lunch break
  • Absolutely zero down-time

Curious to learn more about what laser tattoo removal can do for you? Call East Coast Laser Tattoo Removal today for a free consultation!

  1. I don't want to lose customers/sales.
  2. It's not common in my field.
  3. My company doesn't allow visible tattoos.
  4. I'm looking for a better job.
  5. I'm going for a promotion at work.
  6. My coworkers judge me by it.
  7. I'm starting my own business.
  8. I'm graduating soon.
  9. It's not professional in my industry.
  10. I'm in sales and clients see it.